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7.10.09 A paedophile wins $ 93,000 compensation for prison assault PDF  | Stampa |  E-mail

da "", "Paedophile Anthony Douglas Walter wins $93,000 compensation for prison" assault"  By Mark Dunn and Anthony Dowsley, Herald Sun, October 07, 2009

A paedophile, named Anthony Douglas Walters, has won more than $93,000 compensation to pay for plastic surgery, psychological counselling and legal bills after suffering injuries from an assault in prison.

He was in prison because convicted of several child sex offences.

He sued the State Government for pain and suffering, medical expenses and continuing counselling after being attacked.

The case is believed to be just the third payout of its type where victims are told of compensation payments to prisoners and given the chance to launch their own lawsuits against offenders while part of the cash remains quarantined in Department of Justice coffers for 12 months.

In Walters' case, which finished in the County Court before Judge Philip Misso on August 24, $38,500 has been frozen in the Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund.

It will be paid to him after a year if there is no legal action by any victims or creditors in relation to his criminal acts.

The paedophile has already been given $11,500 for plastic surgery, including $7500 for medical costs and $4000 for "future psychological counselling".

On top of the total $65,000 in damages, the court also ordered that $28,750 be handed to Walters for payment to his lawyers and the cost of lodging his civil damages claim.