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da "", "$9m payout for boy who was sucked down a school drain", By Tanya Chilcott
The Courier-Mail,  October 29, 2009

A LANDMARK $9.6 million compensation deal has finally been brokered for a boy who suffered horrific injuries after he was sucked down a school drain.

A judge next week will decide whether to accept the deal which would set a record for Queensland's highest personal injury payout.

It follows a six-year legal battle between the Anglican Church and the family of Myles Albert Hill, now aged 18.

It is alleged Myles was "sucked down an unguarded mouth of a pipe into the underground drainage system beneath the school" and was stuck under water for eight minutes, causing "catastrophic brain injuries".

It would be the highest court-ordered amount in a civil case in Queensland.

The largest amount awarded in a civil claim in Queensland is believed to be $5,785,612 in the case of Waller vs McGrath earlier this year. Luke Steven Waller was 12 when he suffered horrific injuries from a car crash in 2001 and was awarded damages in July this year.