Il sopralluogo (a lato rappresentato nella cosiddetta fase di repertazione cioè “raccolta e registrazione dei corpi di reato”) è un’operazione tipica dell’attività investigativa e medico-legale. - Il sopralluogo giudiziario comprende tutte le indagini che vengono svolte nel luogo dove si...

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A TEENAGE burglar who terrorised Melbourne for more than a year, breaking into dozens of homes, has escaped with no jail time, no fine and no conviction.

"I had a good lawyer. My lawyer told me I would probably get off," the 15-year-old has boasted.

Victims of crime supporters and residents are dumbfounded after a Children's Court magistrate put the teen on a youth supervision order.

He admitted to a staggering 65 offences in a 13-month crime spree - committed while he was on probation.

During his rampage he stole about $100,000 worth of property from homes and businesses, including cars, televisions, computers, jewellery and motorbikes.

We cannot report who he is, where he lives, publish a picture or pixelated image of the criminal - because of increasingly severe legal restrictions designed to protect the identity of young offenders.

We are also barred from even naming the court where Magistrate Jane Gibson made her ruling.

The youth's rap sheet included two counts of aggravated burglary, 24 counts of burglary, 24 counts of theft and three counts of intentionally damaging property.

He also pleaded guilty to possessing a weapon, causing criminal damage, going equipped to steal, and cultivating and using drugs.

Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara said: "It's Mickey Mouse justice being handed out by the Children's Court."