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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A young girl from the Cotswolds was raped and sexually abused by both her father and her teenage brother, a court has been told.
The girl and her sister suffered regular abuse in what became a "dysfunctional family" in Cirencester, Gloucester Crown Court heard.
Recorder David Bartlett jailed the father for 16 years after he was convicted by a jury in March of 20 offences of rape and sexual assault.
Details of the case could not be reported until now because the man's teenage son was awaiting sentence for his role in the offences against one of his sisters.
The boy was given a three-year community rehabilitation order for three offences of raping his sister.
 The Recorder said he took into account that the youth had himself suffered physical and verbal abuse at the hands of his father.
The court heard the boy was now in foster care and was said to be making good progress – and had been accepted onto a college course.
The father had denied six charges of sexual assault on the same girl who was abused by his son, two offences of causing or inciting her to engage in sexual activity, raping the girl four times and attempting to rape her twice.
A second set of charges related to another daughter.
He denied sexually assaulting that girl twice, four counts of rape and one charge of causing her to engage in sexual activity.
The jury found the man guilty of all charges apart from two of the rape allegations.
It was when one of the daughters saw her father committing an offence on her sister that she realised she was not alone in suffering.
The two girls then revealed the sexual ordeals they had both been suffering at their dad's hands and the police were called.
Jailing the father, Recorder Bartlett said it had been a "sustained" campaign of sexual abuse over a number of years on the girls.
He said it did not take much to imagine the scars his abuse had left on them.
Dealing with the teenage son last Friday, the Recorder said he had read a number of reports about the teenager – including a psychiatric report.
The Recorder said the youth had been assessed as having very poor self-esteem, a high level of emotional loneliness and had himself been regularly physically abused by his father, of whom he was in fear.
The Recorder said the sentence for the boy would be a three-year community rehabilitation order with a five-year sexual offences prevention order.
There was also a requirement that he sign the sex offenders' register for two-and-a-half years.